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Home page imagesA freelancer playing in the light and shadows, colouring a path of heart centered joY and mAgIC, walking between worlds, listening, creating and sharing from that place of intuitive creativity and trauma informed pratice...come and play!

Please note LHCH services can be funded through NDIS
                                                     Lulu's Heart Centered Healing

Inner Child recievingLulu's Heart Centered Healing offers a client centered, safe space to heal & self discover using heart centered, energy based modalities and Inner Child Work.  I myself have used all these modalities on my own healing journey and it is my passion to share these things with others who are also looking for effective solutions that will help support their own recovery and healing.

My role is to meet you where you are in your healing and offer you support as you take the steps you need to to break through whats hurting & holding you back in your life. There are many ways to approach this,  and what a joyous journey it can be when you are invested fully in wonderful you!!! 

I understand that it can take great courage to take the first steps in healing. You may be doubting your self or minimising your past experiences as if they weren't really that bad, you may experience anxiety and fear around beginning the healing process. You may be terrified that you dont know who you are if you do decide to heal.These are normal reactions and feelings to have. Just know that you are worthy & you are loved. Underneath all that pain and hurt is someone who is waiting to feel joy and love again, to have fun and to play. 

I look forward to sharing part of your journey with you and which ever way you connect with Lulu's Heart Centered Healing.

I hope its a place you can always visit and connect with a spark of joy and loving energy
Lulu x


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