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Mini Chakra Set

This portable, roll-on set of mini chakra oils is perfect for daily use or to take when travelling.
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Colour Mirrors chakra oils have long been popular for supporting the physical body.  This mini set enables you to have all 8 of the chakra oils (C1-C8) in one portable package.  The mini chakra bottles are exact replicas of the larger oils but have the added benefit of having a roll-top which means you can apply them directly to the chakras or pulse-points.  The oils correspond with the traditional chakra colours so that C1 is red for the base chakra, C2 is orange for the sacral, C3 is yellow for the solar plexus, C4 is green for the heart, C5 is blue for the throat, C6 is indigo for the third eye, C7 is violet for the crown and C8 is magenta for the Soul Star.