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CCAA is a inclusive group that works to support safe places for animals through fundraising , heart energy and advocacy. Over the past few years we have worked to help Australian Wildlife and Sanctuaries that care for rescued 'Farm' animals. We have also worked Internationally to help with The Romanian dogs. Our strong focus for 2016 has been to support the 50 plus dogs that live at The Safe Garden in Craiova, Romania. 

The group is supported by over 1700 members who feel empowered to make a difference in the world. The group culture is positive supportive and encouraging with our vision that everyone be included in the circle of compassion regardless of species.

The little cutey pictured here is 'Paz' He was rescued by the Safe Garden volunteers along with three other puppies who had been left abandoned in a plastic bag in a field, they were only a few days old. Thank fully three of the puppies survived due to the love and care they recieved and are now all adopted with adoptive families in Holland. We have had the priveledge of being part of so many inspiring stories through our group and networks, Feel free to join us and help make a difference and join in the fun!