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Emotional Freedom Techniques Session

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EFT is a energy based healing modality. It helps to release stuck energy within the body by tapping on specific meridian points. You can use EFT to address a multitude of issues whether you start on physical pain or emotional stressess either way it works for the whole system your mind body soul as its all connected. So if you want to heal physical pain in your body this is a great way to uncover the emotional connection to that pain. Tapping helps reveal unconscious blocks we may have by bringing the unconscious into our conscious awareness. Once we are aware of these blocks or limiting belief systems we can then take action to change this.
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Below is al list of some things you may like to work on using EFT









Loss & Grief                                            

Weight/ Body Image

Physical pains or dis-ease                    

Self Esteem

EFT is a great to use for clearing your timeline especially if you have layers from childhood that need to be worked through.  Skype sessions are available the cost is $75 per hour ($150 for 2 hours)