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Trauma Buster Technique Session

Please note a TBT session is currently available only for face to face sessions (not via skype) Please conatct Lulu via email around this if needed e:luluhealing@hotmail.com
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Trauma Buster Technique one hour session

Trauma Buster Technique is a blend of NLP and EFT it is used to effectively change the way that trauma is stored in the brain by discconecting the emotional charge from the event. This process will suport you in recovery and reduce triggers connected to the event helping you to move forward in life. You do not need to go into the whole story of the event (which can be very helpful for people who find it hard to talk about their experience) as TBT foccusses on only the most intense energy part of the experince for you. I have found TBT a wonderful creative and empowering way to heal from trauma and wounding experiences