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I thoroughly enjoyed my Ascension reading with Lulu. Her reading really resonated and confirmed what I was sensing but also added a beautiful heart-felt perspective and insight to my journey and work, that was beautiful and shifting. Lulu has a Light-filled, calming, heart-centred, nurturing energy which permeates all her work. She walks the high road and I highly recommend all she offers from her beautiful healing site.

Billie Dean- Writer, Film Developer & Actress, Shaman, Animal Advocate & Founder of Deep Peace Trust

I absolutely love the creations that came to me from 
Lulu's Heart Centered Healing. The painting was made on a beautiful wood panel and is very whimsical! She drew me in a white dress that looks like a wedding gown and this deeply resonated with me because I always feel like the bride of the Beloved and love romantic style dressing but I have never told anyone this. So I was pleasantly surprised to find it in this creation, Spirit reflecting my Divinity to me. The portrait also captured some of the Spiritual Rays that I work with, so this work apart from being so charming was truly Divinely guided. I even spotted some mountains in the miscellaneous patterns in the background, which was a reassuring personal message for me as well. I feel that when work comes from a true Soul connection it speaks to us on many different levels this way, sometimes even more than the channel may be Conscious of. You can tell that all of Lulu's creations are made with Love and created through true Magic of Soul. That's why I was guided to her in the first place. And I AM so glad I was, for the portrait along with the dolphin themed clay doll she created for me really amped up my Sacred Space which was bare before. And added extra Soul Magic to my room. I always immediately feel Joy when I catch a glimpse of them from the corner of my eye as I AM going about my day, and remember how Magical I AM. Thank you Lulu for your Magic and Light! 
Shruti Vashist- Living Our Ascension 

debs testimonial
I’ve been on my healing journey for many years and have tried a few different “alternative” modalities, all of which helped to some degree. However I’ve found working with Lulu and using EFT and Colour Mirrors to be the most beneficial in healing from child and adult trauma on deeper levels and also for changing old negative believe patterns I held about myself. My life truly has changed remarkably in the last year and not just because Lulu has training and knowledge but because of her amazing support, compassion, love, wisdom and sense of fun … things that only seem to come from someone who has done the hard work themselves. I will be forever grateful for the gifts she has given me and wish her all the best on her journey.

Debbie Samuels

(Art work by Debbie Samuels)
NZ MandalaI really must and deeply need to thank you for all of your help, you have been so loving and kind to me and I truly am grateful beyond words, as words are honestly of no value compared to the extent in which my life has changed since our first healing session.
I am abundantly grateful and can not thank you enough for all of your hard work, passion and dedication, bless your precious heart and soul for such love and kindness in what can be such a cruel world.
You have inspired me so much and you have given me genuine hope for the future when I literally was trying to commit suicide and no longer wanted to be alive anymore, I never thought I would ever receive any help being in such a dark place as previous attempts by other pharmaceutical professionals had not been of a holistic nature and failed to help me miserably.
So I deeply thank you for your patience, understanding and perseverance in helping to guide me through and out of the darkest possible place in my life, It really does mean the world to me and you have literally restored my faith in humanity again.
Your heart is too generous and I am and will be forever grateful thank you so much.

Natalie Zollo

(Artwork by Natalie)