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Colour Mirrors is a healing system that utilises colour, light and energy to support all areas of our overall growth and development. They can help us to see, understand and move through patterns and blocks that may be operating in our lives and keeping us small, at the same time they lovingly remind us of our own true power and light.

Each of the bottles has its own special 'note' or vibration and what we are drawn to through our Colour choices helps us to process through what ever we are needing to at the time and can also show us what Colours we need to support us through this transisition and awakening. 

Colour Mirrors are both a gentle yet amazingly powerful tool to use in healing and recovery and in everyday life. I hope you find the most beautiful journey with Colour Mirrors as you connect with the bottle that resonates and speaks to you.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, Lulu x