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The Earth Guardians are among the first ofthe  clay series that came to Lulu as a streaming download.
There were about 13 that came through one after the other, each with its own message, meaning and energy. After creating them I knew that they would stay with me as they were foundational for something bigger in my life.....this all unfolds as the journey with life and  connection to earth continues

Some have been drawn to have having  their own Earth Guardian that is specific to them , The sculptures serve not only as sacred space pieces. They themselves are messengers with meaning and symbolism specific for their person and can be tied inwith a reading as such.

Other scupltures Lulu makes include
Galactics, Fairies, Elves, Owls, Dragons & Heritage Healing dolls.
If you would like something created you can always send through a request via one of my social media platforms.
The links are at the bottom of my webpage.

Water bearer WS  OWL WS African Dolls    Fire Fairy   HDWSGalactics Dragons WS