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EFT or TBT Session

EFT sessions are available via skype however TBT session are available only for face to face sessions.

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Trauma Buster Technique or  EFT one hour session

Trauma Buster Technique is a blend of NLP and EFT it is used to effectively change the way that trauma is stored in the brain by discconecting the emotional charge from the event. This process will suport you in recovery and reduce triggers connected to the event helping you to move forward in life. You do not need to go into the whole story of the event (which can be very helpful for people who are unable to speak about their experience) as TBT foccusses on only the most intense energy part of the experience for you. I have found TBT a wonderful creative and empowering way to heal from trauma and wounding experiences.

EFT is very helpful for clearing layers, if you have experiened  developmental trauma I highly recommend this  techinique. Really it is beneficial for anyone, as  it can help us with any aspect of dis-ease we may be experiencing at different times in our lives. EFT is a excellent energy healing modality which supports Inner Child work beautifullybelow are some examles of what EFT can help you clear

low self esteem 
self hatred
head aches
physical pain
spiritual blocks
emotional issues
feelings of unsafety 
eating issues
public speaking
job interviews

EFt can be used in a variety of ways to support your health & well being.