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Inner Child There are many different ways you can connect or reconnect with your Inner  Child, which I will talk more about soon. Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge  that some people have more than one Inner Child - some have Inner Families  that have more than children present. For those who have experienced extreme  trauma this can be the case as with what’s currently known as Dissociative  Identity Disorder (DID). I don’t really want to talk about labels attached to  experiences (even though for parts of our journey they can be helpful). At this  stage of the game I’d rather focus on looking at how we can learn to hear and  love all parts of ourselves, even the parts of us that are the angriest and what we  may see as the most unlovable.

Really these are the parts of us that need the  most love. These parts of ourselves may be completely burnt out, shut down or in need of a break from always having to put on a brave front. Wouldn't it be nice  for that part of self to know that they are loved and that someone is there for  them and sees what they have been through and that what they have done to  survive? It can make such a difference to honour them and the role they took on  by thanking them. Imagine letting them know they can take a break now because  the adult you is now going to take over and look after, love protect and nurture  them.

This is the process you see, to do the work of seeing and hearing the  experience of the Inner Child. To find out what they want you to know & if you  will listen and be there for them without judgement or dismissing what you may  be shown. Sounds like a big call to embark on this journey right? For each of us it  will be a different journey filled with many emotions , feelings and insights into  our own inner world and discovery of what & who needs attention and healing.  For those who have experienced childhood trauma and/or abuse it is  recommended that you have good, safe support systems in place for doing this  work, as to heal we do need support and connection with others.
Some of the ways to connect with your Inner Child is through consciousness  writing, art & creativity, colour, fairies, visualisation, meditation & tapping. How you connect with your Inner Child may come to you in a different way - just as there are many paths to healing there are many paths to the Inner Child.

At "Lulu’s Heart Centred Healing" the Inner Child is honoured and loved in all the modalities whether it be through Emotional Freedom Technique, The Trauma Buster Technique, Art Journaling, Intentional Creativity or Colour Mirrors. Through all of these there is a place for the Inner Child to be seen and heard and to have the chance to go back and heal what’s still hurting them/you .

Knowing the Inner Child means also that we get the chance to meet the needs of play, fun and joy. When we heal what hurts us this makes room for other feelings to come in. One of the things I love most about the Inner Child is that they can often have simple answers to what we need to heal, where if we look to our adult selves for these answers, it may seem impossible or way too complex, the Inner Child helps to keep it simple. For those of us who have experienced developmental trauma Inner Child work is really valuable as it can help us to successfully move through stages of development we may be still stuck in in our adult lives. 

Lots of Love to you and your dear Inner Child/Children/Family

Lulu :D