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The Fairies

The Fairies (Nature Angels)  are here to help us connect with joy & play.

They instantly help us to be more light just through who they are! They are playful and cheeky, curious and wise. 

They have a pure innocence to them that can easily connect us all to the part of ourselves that knows all about joy and wonder, our true self or our inner child. 

Fairies help with increasing self-love, they help is raise our own vibration which has a ripple effect that goes out into the world, this is their joyful service, their gift, they just radiate and help us connect to the magical world which exists..
Fairies are conscientious beings they want us to enjoy life and have fun, they care deeply about animals and the environment and they want us to care and have reciprocal energy for nature and to be companions and care takers with the animals, this makes them very happy indeed.

Perhaps you have Fairies that live near you? You can invite them to play through connecting with your Inner Child and being pure of heart & Intention in which of course children naturally are. 

The Unicorns are also wanting to be mentioned here to as they connect with the pure of heart & intention.

Of course now the Christ Light of Jesus has come through because you see, they are all linked working together for the Light of the world. In bringing more and more 5th dimensional living and conciousness to our beautiful planet Earth, this is the Golden Age of unconditonality that includes love and compassion for all that many of us have been working towards for a long time, life times even. 

Colour Energy essences available through my website that I feel link in with the Fairies in particular are as follows.

In the Colour Mirror Essences :
Pink Angel, Yellow Angel, Coral Angel, Diamond Unicorn, Opalessence, Wood , Earth, Water, Fire.

In the Metatron Aura Sprays:
Inner Child Pink Rose, 13 Lemon Joy Energy Spray, 21 Rose Inner Child, 20 Emerald Renewal & Recovery, Lavender Soul Star  Spray Cosmos, 33 Fire Elementals,30 Earth ,18 Bluebell for Loss & Grief, 4 Fuchsia Soul Plexus Energy Spray
Coral Angel Fairy Unicorn pic and cats website