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I first connected with Mandalas in 2015 as I began using them as a way to de-stress and have timeout, I soon discovered how amazing they were for helping process through feelings.

Mandalas always had a message, reflection or insight to reveal to me, and sometimes it was a complete surprise what was revealed! As well as affirming or validating. They helped me to be relfective and enabled me to see how far I have come on my healing journey. The colour choices were a huge part of this too, even before I knew about the Colour Mirror healing system.

This is the beauty of our Intutition right?! Sometimes we do things in life just automatically without knowing the true meaning/power behind what we are doing, we each have so many gifts that are waiting for us to awaken to them.

What I love about Mandalas is they are the circle symbol which we see repeated in nature and the universe. The Mandala includes our inner and outer world and the connectedness of it all, it is all inclusive and holds us right at the centre. The circle acts as a container that holds and sets free.

Mandalas have a long, rich history and are used by many different cultures and spiritual beliefs, in this way they are totally user friendly and inclusive. They go back centuries in time and are rich in meaning and symbolism.

Mandalas help us work with both our masculine and feminine sides (the Yin & Yang) and in this sense they can help us bring balance into our lives and can show us which of these energies we are coming form in our day to day lives, which in turn gives us insight and direction or guidance.  

I encourage you to look into Sacred Geometry to see some the amazing intricacies and magic of life and all creation,so you can also see yourself as part of this divine creation and how beautiful you truly are. Perhaps you'd like to explore symbolism or Mandalas from your cultural heritage and see what you find and connect with.

I use Colour Mirrors and Mandalas together to help process trauma in my personal life but also one on one with clients or within groups.

The  combination of both is really powerful for processing, integrating and healing. I encourage you to start playing with Mandalas and Colours and see what you notice for yourself, and above all, enjoy the journey.