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One of the decks in process of being developed is  a set of educational Therapeutic Healing cards for people who have experienced trauma & adversity in their life. The deck will have 77 cards and is comprehensive. It will be a tool that can be used with clients/participants but also individuals can use to support their own healing .

The deck incorporates 12 of our body energy centres, spiritual support energies and animal  guides. This deck brings  dark depths of the effects of trauma to the light and includes  themes such as suicidality, anxiety, the 4 ‘F’s and much more. The cards also show the otherside, the lighter side including hope, joy, post traumatic growth and help bridge the path between the two and hopefully will be a resource perople can use to help maintain balance and harmony.                                                                                         . 
I’m able to bring this deck forward through my own life journey of healing through the  layers of different types of trauma all of which I gathered many tools and education along the way so I could help myself heal & also help others who are willing and ready.